Otto N. Isenberg

• Current Position: Mortgage Account Representative
• Staffworks Placement: Mortgage Closing Coordinator
• Residence: New York Mills, NY
• Education: Bachelor of Science from SUNY Brockport

Shortly after graduating from college, Otto Isenberg found his way quickly to a perfect position through Staffworks. He has always seen the job matching process (of both job seekers and hiring firms) as a series of great opportunities. He believes that learning and improving from each opportunity is how you find long-term success.

After we placed him in a temporary position as a Mortgage Closing Coordinator in a credit union, Otto had the chance to apply for the position full-time, landed the job, and hasn’t looked back. “Success, to me,” Otto says, “is being able to look back on what you have done and being able to say you gave it your all.” In any activity, no matter how big or small, he believes the key is knowing that you didn’t leave anything on the table in the process.

That approach has worked well for Otto and his employer in his relatively short time at his job, where he has already been promoted to Mortgage Account Representative. Taking inspiration from his parents and sister, he goes “above and beyond” at work, driven to provide the best for his family and reward the trust his employer puts in him. This sports enthusiast sees his employer and fellow employees as his team, and gives them his all every day.

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