• Breed/Type: American Domestic
• Gender: Male

Staffworks provides generous financial support to organizations that provide shelter and medical attention to animals, helping them create success stories like this one.

Chance came to Spring Farm CARES at about 12 weeks old, in need of medical help. His story is one of hope.

When young people at a local park heard the cries of an animal in distress, they followed the sounds to a swamp where a tiny kitten, legs wrapped with tape, had been left to drown. The group worked together to rescue the drowning kitten, cleaned him thoroughly, and noticed several critical health issues. Since it was a holiday weekend, they called Spring Farm CARES, where he was quickly brought to their veterinarian. The young man who found him gave him a fitting name: Chance.

After treating him for nerve damage, a lesion, and water inhalation, Chance was put into intensive care and rallied quickly. Within a few weeks his wounds had healed completely, and he stayed at the Farm during his rehab. Once Chance was healthy, he was adopted by the family that brought him in.

Chance learned to trust the people who rescued him. His recovery is a testimony to people working together, and taught us not to focus on one horrible act, but on the good people can do.

Today Chance is a very happy and content cat, always purring and giving love to his adoptive family. He has touched many hearts, and his story has renewed many people’s faith in the future represented by the young people who rescued him.