Bo-hi-resThrough Staffworks sponsorships of local and regional animal protection and rescue organizations, success stories like this one become possible.

Since 2005 Staffworks has been a loyal and consistent sponsor of the Chenango SPCA. We have seen many successes over the years, but one that stands out is a dog named Bo. Bo was a Staffordshire Terrier mix that had been tied to the shelter sign post and abandoned one September night. Fortunately it was during a board meeting, and the board members were able to take a very grateful dog into the shelter.

He was black with dirt, dander and fleas, and after a good bath by the staff, Bo was a stunning white dog. Although many families applied to adopt him, none were the right fit for his size and activity level, an important consideration when finding the perfect fit for a pet and adoptive family. And though he waited and waited, Bo remained the same happy-go-lucky dog as he was right from the start. The long wait sounds like a minor factor, but many dogs don’t handle being in a cage for so long, and often become unadoptable. Not so with Bo. He waited, in fact, an entire year before his perfect forever family came along.

Without funding and sponsors, shelters wouldn’t be able to maintain a dog or cat for so long a period, so Bo’s success story is one we created together.