• Breed/Type: American Pit Bull Terrier
• Gender: Male

Staffworks gives generously to local animal rescue organizations, supporting their efforts to create success stories like this one.

Lenny had two strikes against him when he came to the Humane Society of Rome. As with all of their animals, he would be tested and vaccinated before being put up for adoption. Unfortunately, Lenny tested positive for heartworm, which can be deadly. The treatment, which includes doses of arsenic over six months, can be deadly as well. Strike one. Second: he was a pit bull, a much-maligned breed, and one often difficult to place in a loving home.

But there was something extra special about Lenny. He had the best personality and loved everyone around him, both human and animal alike. It was decided that he would be treated for his heartworm and would be given a second chance. Lenny was moved into the building housing the Humane Society’s business offices so he would be in a quieter atmosphere, and he began his long treatment. For months he remained in the staff break room to receive the special attention that he needed. During that period, Lenny spent two stints at the vet while he received the arsenic treatments. That was the most critical time for him, but he pulled through.

Lenny’s treatment was finally completed, after which he was neutered and put up for adoption. He still had a long wait, but he was finally adopted more than a year after he was brought to the Humane Society of Rome. The smile on his face spoke volumes. Lenny is one happy, healthy dog in a loving home.