Margie Rutledge

• Current Position: Assembler
• Staffworks Placement: Assembler
• Residence: Clay, NY
• Education: High school

Margie Rutledge pursued occasional, “odds and ends” work prior to seeking our services. She approached Staffworks to find her a steady job, and her skills matched up well with an opening one of our clients had for an Assembler. She has thrived in her work environment, where both she and her employer have reaped the rewards of this perfect fit.

“I would define success as doing something that you enjoy and becoming an expert at it,” Margie says. “I also consider it a success when I produce profit for my company. That produces profit for me as well, and so we help each other.” Since joining her employer, Margie has shown herself to be resourceful, and has established good working relationships with her team members. Together they’ve established new quality standards, a process that brings her great satisfaction.

“Even the engineers in my field inspire me, as we advance technology together,” she adds. What started as a stable job has become a career. Margie wants to learn as much as possible so she can be even more efficient, studying online in her spare time to explore new concepts to contribute to her work. She has put her philosophy to use every day in her job: “Be dedicated, follow through, and always work hard.”

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