Miranda Conway

Miranda• Current Position: Summer Staffing Coordinator
• Staffworks Placement: Summer Staffing Coordinator
• Residence: Clinton, NY
• Education: Bachelor of Science in Childhood and Special Education

Miranda first came to Staffworks as a high school junior. We hired her for the summer to work in-house, and she has worked in a variety of positions for the last 6 years, most recently as a full-fledged Staffworks Staffing Coordinator. She has taken full advantage of her varied work experiences, bringing more knowledge to every position. Through her combination of training and work on the job, she has learned the value of hard effort, teamwork and responsibility in the business world. She will be putting those values to work in the field of education, where she was recently able to secure a long-term position. After substitute teaching for less than 6 months, she received an appointment as a Special Education Teacher.

“I owe my determination, and the encouragement to follow my dreams, to my family at Staffworks,” Miranda says. “By setting goals for yourself and working every day to accomplish them, you achieve true success: being happy with what you do.”

Miranda credits positive, hard-working people as her role models, with (Staffworks Founder) Anita Vitullo high on her list.
Through Miranda’s twin passions of connecting with children and music, she hopes to put her Staffworks experience to work for her new employer, a legacy of which we’re very proud.

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