To my new friends, from Lady

My name is Lady, and that’s me in the photos with my new owner. Although you can’t tell by looking at me now, I was beaten repeatedly by my former owners. I never understood why I was treated so horribly, because I tried to be the best dog I could be.

Then one day a miracle happened! Mrs. Cruz came to visit, and she saw me trying to hide under a table while I was being kicked. She saved me by taking me home to live with her family (her son Tony is in the photos with me). The kindness of my new family helped me learn how to trust people.

Eventually, all of the lumps and bruises on my body healed, except one. There was a lump on one of my back legs that eventually became the large growth you see in the photos. Sometimes I would cry because it was painful, and I would bite at it. Unfortunately, while my family tried a number of options, they couldn’t afford the specialty care I needed for it.

Then one day another miracle happened! Tony took me for a walk, and that’s how I met Anita Vitullo. She saw us walking and noticed the lump. Right then and there, before I could even wag my tail, Anita scooped me up and took me to her vet. The very next day that nasty lump was gone. Just look at me in the photos. I feel like a puppy again!

My wish is that every dog (and cat) that needs help could experience miracles, just like I have.

Thank you for caring enough to help with the Staffworks “Save A Life” campaign!

Love, Lady

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