Loyal Employee Keeps On Working

James_Lilley_Sr_smcJames Lilly, Sr. is an energetic 71-year-old that may be one of our most loyal hires. James first registered with us in April 2008, and is currently working on a new Staffworks assignment.

James has always believed in the ethics of hard work and responsibility. He is unfailingly polite and friendly, and on his last visit to the office, told us he had been offered a permanent position by our client, normally a wonderful opportunity. He refused. Why? He said they had offered him less money than he is making through us, and he also told them that he loves Staffworks, and wants to stay with us.

When we pointed out to him that they probably won’t keep him on forever, James said, “I don’t care; I know you’ll find me the next job. That way I can still work for Staffworks, because you’re a great company, and I love working with you nice people.”

An agency’s dream employee, James has worked for us at Brodock Press (bindery), Granny’s Kitchen (warehouse), CONMED (assembler), Vicks Lithograph (bindery & small machine operator), Darman Manufacturing (assembler), Par Technology (shipping), ECR (boiler assembler), Tect Power (laborer) and UCP (painter), among others.