Brad Pitt

• Operations Planner
• Rome, NY

When Brad Pitt agrees to give you a rousing endorsement, it’s a big day. Our Brad Pitt doesn’t walk the red carpet or make blockbuster movies (though he does have a successful wife), but he is a client, and a big fan. So with a little fun, he’s agreed to let us make him a marquee testimonial.

Brad manages a large manufacturing facility with changing and challenging employment requirements, and through it all, he has found Staffworks to be a competent partner: “professional, honest, and friendly”. Brad is a long-standing believer in Staffworks’ service. He has counted on that support for 16 years in his past and current management positions, a testament to the trust he places in the Staffworks team.

“The people at Staffworks are all amazing,” Brad says. “It’s nice to know that at any time, I can reach out to any of their offices when I need to get employees hired. They have a remarkable team, all highly trained in providing me with the correct candidates for the type of position we’re looking to fill.”

Brad’s company prides itself on providing high-quality, reliable products, supplied by a well-trained workforce. He knows that reputation will stay intact, as he can always rely on Staffworks to come through. He adds, “They have proven over the years that no matter the situation, whether it’s one or twenty-five employees, they’ll provide the best when I need them.”

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