I would like to express my sincere appreciation of and recommendation of Staffworks Temporary Services and the long-term relationship we have established with them.

Not only does your agency consist of top-notch professionals, but they have customer service skills beyond compare. When I place a call to your Herkimer Office, I can totally depend on Cheryl Zumbo or Mary Carroll Aiello meeting my request promptly and efficiently. In addition to being the contact agency professionals, I consider both of these ladies “friends” that I can chat with, confide in, and trust to deliver! In the unlikely event that they do not immediately have just the right person to meet our needs, they don’t quit there. They will continue to search until they do! And will stay in contact with me throughout the pursuit of just the right one.

Needless to say, when we require temporary services, Staffworks is the first agency I will call.

Thank you, Staffworks, for all that you do!

Colleen M. VanVechten, Human Resources Associate, Professional Division Client