We are extremely grateful for the continued support our organization has received from Staffworks. The donations given to us have especially enabled us to help animals who have been injured and abandoned and literally left with no one to help them. These animals usually have no place to go as they generally face large medical bills and oftentimes extensive nursing and rehabilitation before they can even be considered adoptable. They are animals with nowhere to go and no one to help them.

With the funds from Staffworks, we have been able to say yes to helping animals in these situations. We take them in for immediate veterinary assessment and care. If their injuries require surgery, then we do what we need to do for them. They then come back to our facility where they can stay as long as they need to recuperate, and in many cases, heal their emotional wounds as well and learn to trust again. We are moved to tears when these animals, after weeks of care and rehab, are able to literally stand on their feet again and get a second chance at life. We all shed tears of joy watching them overcome their injuries and heartaches and find a home where they can be loved and cherished. The ones that end up with special needs that make them harder to place are then given a place with us for life, where they are loved and cherished by all of us here. These are happy endings, but generally with a large price tag. Staffworks has enabled us to offer these animals that second chance that no one else can.

These animals then end up touching the lives of so many humans in deep and profound ways. From our staff, who give their hearts to nursing them, to the doctors and nurses at the Veterinary Hospital who are always touched by these helpless animals and their bravery, and to the adopters who are then graced with their unconditional love and friendship in their lives. A lot of hearts are touched and opened by the compassion that was given to help these animals through their darkest hours. Staffworks is there among the helpers, lighting their way and creating a path for a lot of hearts to be opened and touched deeply. It never ceases to amaze us to see the lives touched just by one animal and their story of survival. And so many lessons are learned about how one good deed, like a good Samaritan stopping to help an animal in distress, can lead to so much good out of a tragedy.

It all starts with someone helping and giving and sharing so that another in need can find their way through darkness. Staffworks has offered that chance, and we are very grateful and honored to have you work with us in helping animals that have run out of options and need all of our help. The truth is that it is not just about that one animal in need. It’s about the human heart opening and being more compassionate. These animals teach us to see and be the best in ourselves that we can be. And it is a lesson that never goes unnoticed

Thank you for all that you do for the animals in our community, and for the people whose lives they touch.

Dawn Hayman, Co-Founder/Vice-President, Spring Farm CARES