I personally have worked with Staffworks for all 10 years of their existence and have only seen growth and maturity as a professional staffing service provider. Staffworks’ leadership realizes the importance of qualified, dependable, and professional candidates. Staffworks has worked with us to create a set of standards to assure that we only receives[candidates matching] these criteria. These standards include Current Good Manufacturing Practices, Safety, and Productive Work Environment Training. This training, combined with pre-employment checks which include background, drug screening and various skill assessments (through Kenexa Prove It!), assure a “Perfect Fit”.

I have confidence that when we approach Staffworks on a matter, Staffworks will address it quickly, accurately, and professionally.

Staffworks provides us with a level of comfort regardless of the timing and quantity. Staffworks always answers the bell.

Eric R. Moore, Director of Operations, Light Industrial Client