Staffworks Fund Save A Life Campaign Starts December 3

The 2019 Staffworks Fund Save A Life Campaign will be matching donations from December 3 through December 31.

This year, the Save A Life Campaign has 29 participating animal welfare organizations located in 13 counties.

Campaign Match:

FIRST $10,000 in donations = $10,000 match

PLUS $1,000 for every additional $5,000 in donations

PLUS $2,000 for reaching $100,000 in donations


Since 2014, the Save A Life Campaign has raised more than $1.25 million for non-profit organizations caring for at-risk animals in our regional community, with donors contributing more than $800,000 to secure matching funds from the Staffworks Fund.

Anita Vitullo, founder of the Save A Life Campaign stated, “Organizations that provide direct care and support services for homeless and abused animals sustain overwhelming costs. They cannot save animal lives without our donations. Also, consider that the root cause of companion animal suffering is over-population and organizations that provide spay-neuter services also deserve our support.”

Donate to the participating organization of your choice at