WKTV Interview – Rachel Rossi

In today’s economy, we can be faced with the challenge of trying to launch a new career, preferably one that makes good use of the education we’ve spent years accumulating.  Legitimately, the job market can be difficult to navigate, but we can provide the help that’s needed to get started on the path to a successful career.   Our own… Read more »


Melissa Sloma, one of our Corporate Office Client Managers, had her heart stolen by “Dino.” She attended the Stevens Swan Humane Society Annual Telethon in January of this year where she met and fell in love with him right there. She says, “He grabbed my attention from the Stevens Swan Telethon and I just had… Read more »


Savannah is a beautiful 4-year-old Siamese mix with striking blue eyes. She was brought to the shelter as a stray in July of 2013 with a non-functioning right front limb. Despite this, she was a lively, kittenish, sweet-tempered cat. Savannah quickly found a foster home. Her foster parent said she chased balls, romped with the… Read more »

Truman and Harrison

One cold winter morning, a woman in North Syracuse was backing her car out of her garage, only to notice that there were two cat carriers left in her driveway. She was shocked to find that there were actually cats left in the carriers at some time during the night. She had helped rescue a… Read more »

Miss Willow

Miss Willow came to the Humane Society of Rome in September of 2014 as a 6-month-old puppy, and was quickly adopted out. Just 4 months later, she was returned through no fault of her own; she just didn’t fit with the family. When she returned, she had what looked like an ingrown hair just above… Read more »

Loyal Employee Keeps On Working

James Lilly, Sr. is an energetic 71-year-old that may be one of our most loyal hires. James first registered with us in April 2008, and is currently working on a new Staffworks assignment. James has always believed in the ethics of hard work and responsibility. He is unfailingly polite and friendly, and on his last… Read more »

Bill Berthel

• Human Resource Manager • Golden Artist Colors, Inc. • New Berlin, NY Golden Artist Colors is a well-known producer of high-quality artist paints and paint products. Though they’ve worked with Staffworks for more than 10 years, Bill moved into the HR role 5 years ago. One of his first jobs: re-evaluate the relationship between… Read more »


To my new friends, from Lady My name is Lady, and that’s me in the photos with my new owner. Although you can’t tell by looking at me now, I was beaten repeatedly by my former owners. I never understood why I was treated so horribly, because I tried to be the best dog I… Read more »

Clinton woman donates $1M to benefit animals

She is used to being an ambassador, going out on public education missions. So, when Madison arrived at the Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties Inc. earlier this week dressed in a bright orange vest with the words “adopt me” and a note pinned on it, she was more than happy to greet the… Read more »


With generous contributions to animal adoption and rescue organizations large and small, Staffworks plays a proud part in creating great success stories like this one. Our annual donation to a small, all-volunteer grassroots not-for-profit, Kindred Spirits Greyhound Adoption Inc., is always rewarded with wonderful success stories. Their compassion and tireless efforts, supported entirely by the… Read more »