Lishay Mack

• Current Position: Customer Service Representative 3 • Staffworks Placement: Customer Service Representative 1 • Residence: Syracuse, NY • Education: Current College Student Lishay Mack is inspired by helping people, and plans to fulfill that inspiration by becoming a Pediatric Physician. She is the very definition of ambition: this mother of one is finishing her… Read more »

Jaclyn Tramacera

• Current Position: Manager of Events & Promotions • Staffworks Placement: Customer Service • Residence: New Hartford, NY • Education: Bachelor of Science in Marketing from SUNY Brockport Jaclyn Tramacera advises businesspeople to “always be aware of your surroundings, because you never know when an opportunity may arise!” While working for Staffworks as a marketing… Read more »

Kristina M. Root

• Current Position: Auditor • Staffworks Placement: Assembler • Residence: Greene, NY • Education: College What is it they say about lightning striking twice? Ask Kristina Root. When she came to Staffworks for her latest position, we knew her well. We had placed her four years earlier in a position she enjoyed, and in which… Read more »

William Vernold

• Current Position: Brewer • Staffworks Placement: Temp, Brewstaff • Residence: Delhi, NY William Vernold found his love of brewing and food chemistry through a chance job application. After his honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, William was seeking work, and came across a job posting by Staffworks. Once he applied for the position, our… Read more »

Otto N. Isenberg

• Current Position: Mortgage Account Representative • Staffworks Placement: Mortgage Closing Coordinator • Residence: New York Mills, NY • Education: Bachelor of Science from SUNY Brockport Shortly after graduating from college, Otto Isenberg found his way quickly to a perfect position through Staffworks. He has always seen the job matching process (of both job seekers… Read more »