Jaclyn Tramacera

• Current Position: Manager of Events & Promotions
• Staffworks Placement: Customer Service
• Residence: New Hartford, NY
• Education: Bachelor of Science in Marketing from SUNY Brockport

Jaclyn Tramacera advises businesspeople to “always be aware of your surroundings, because you never know when an opportunity may arise!” While working for Staffworks as a marketing intern in college, Jaclyn learned about working in an office setting, applying the knowledge she had gained in school, and preparing for her entry into the business world.

After college, we found her a new position with global food phenomenon Chobani. Jaclyn has been able to grow with the company, moving from a customer service position to Manager of Events & Promotions, a position she was allowed to develop based on the needs of the company and her own skillset. Since she enjoyed working with the Staffworks team so much, she has also stayed in touch with us, assisting with several marketing projects.

Jaclyn enjoys being able to see the end result of her work, and the success of a project she has worked on. Her fulfillment comes from seeing how her work benefits the company, and what she has learned from her experience. She is always looking to learn something new to apply to her work, staying up to date with market trends, and learning new business practices. “Your job is such a major part of your life, it’s important to enjoy what you do,” Jaclyn says.

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