Clinton woman donates $1M to benefit animals

She is used to being an ambassador, going out on public education missions. So, when Madison arrived at the Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties Inc. earlier this week dressed in a bright orange vest with the words “adopt me” and a note pinned on it, she was more than happy to greet the… Read more »

Valerie Wasielewski

• Current Position: Human Resources Manager, Chobani • Staffworks Placement: Recruiting Manager • Residence: New Berlin, NY • Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Business Management with concentration in Human Resources Management Success stories often return to us in ways we never predicted. Valerie Wasielewski honed her human resource (HR) management skills for more than a decade. Her… Read more »


With generous contributions to animal adoption and rescue organizations large and small, Staffworks plays a proud part in creating great success stories like this one. Our annual donation to a small, all-volunteer grassroots not-for-profit, Kindred Spirits Greyhound Adoption Inc., is always rewarded with wonderful success stories. Their compassion and tireless efforts, supported entirely by the… Read more »

Margie Rutledge

• Current Position: Assembler • Staffworks Placement: Assembler • Residence: Clay, NY • Education: High school Margie Rutledge pursued occasional, “odds and ends” work prior to seeking our services. She approached Staffworks to find her a steady job, and her skills matched up well with an opening one of our clients had for an Assembler.… Read more »

Lishay Mack

• Current Position: Customer Service Representative 3 • Staffworks Placement: Customer Service Representative 1 • Residence: Syracuse, NY • Education: Current College Student Lishay Mack is inspired by helping people, and plans to fulfill that inspiration by becoming a Pediatric Physician. She is the very definition of ambition: this mother of one is finishing her… Read more »


Through Staffworks sponsorships of local and regional animal protection and rescue organizations, success stories like this one become possible. Since 2005 Staffworks has been a loyal and consistent sponsor of the Chenango SPCA. We have seen many successes over the years, but one that stands out is a dog named Bo. Bo was a Staffordshire… Read more »

Jaclyn Tramacera

• Current Position: Manager of Events & Promotions • Staffworks Placement: Customer Service • Residence: New Hartford, NY • Education: Bachelor of Science in Marketing from SUNY Brockport Jaclyn Tramacera advises businesspeople to “always be aware of your surroundings, because you never know when an opportunity may arise!” While working for Staffworks as a marketing… Read more »


Staffworks’ significant and ongoing support for local animal rescue organizations helps create success stories like this one. Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association has been able to spay and neuter resident cats and dogs, and house them prior to adoption, in part through generous donations and animal sponsorships from Staffworks. This Madison County shelter works year round… Read more »


• Breed/Type: American Pit Bull Terrier • Gender: Male Staffworks gives generously to local animal rescue organizations, supporting their efforts to create success stories like this one. Lenny had two strikes against him when he came to the Humane Society of Rome. As with all of their animals, he would be tested and vaccinated before… Read more »

Kristina M. Root

• Current Position: Auditor • Staffworks Placement: Assembler • Residence: Greene, NY • Education: College What is it they say about lightning striking twice? Ask Kristina Root. When she came to Staffworks for her latest position, we knew her well. We had placed her four years earlier in a position she enjoyed, and in which… Read more »