Staffworks Fund Assists Dogs at Broad Street Rescue

The Staffworks Fund made an $11,000 donation to Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers to provide permanent homes and medical care for 11 death row dogs living in deplorable conditions at a rescue located on Broad Street in Utica.

Initially, 103 dogs resided at the Broad Street facility. All but the most difficult to place dogs have been adopted, fostered or transferred to facilities capable of providing the highest standard of care.

After meeting with the dedicated volunteers who stayed to care for these dogs and fully understanding the dire need, Staffworks provided this assistance to ensure that these hard-to-place dogs will not be killed.

Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers will provide safe housing, enrichment, behavioral modification and veterinary care for the 11 remaining dogs. They also have a program that trains rescue dogs as service dogs for soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To learn more about Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers, visit their website at www.